Mathematical Analysis III

Time and place: Monday 12-1 in H0.51, Tuesday 3-4 in H0.51, and Thursday 11-12 in H0.51.

Support classes: Tue 12-1 in H5.45 (Maciej Buze), Tue 2-3 in B1.01 (Quirin Vogel), Thu 1-2 in B3.02 (Calvin Khor), Fri 12-1 in B3.01 (Bartlomiej Matejczyk).

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Assessment: Three-hour examination (85%), assignments (15%).

Lecture notes: Here is the version of 5 December, which is complete! (It is possible that a few typos will be corrected in later versions.)

Assignments: To be posted on Mondays, due the following Monday 3pm in the designated box opposite the Math Undergraduate Office.

Assignment 1, due 3pm Monday 17 October.
Assignment 2, due 3pm Monday 24 October.
Assignment 3, due 3pm Monday 31 October.
Assignment 4, due 3pm Monday 7 November.
Assignment 5, due 3pm Monday 14 November.
Assignment 6, due 3pm Monday 21 November.
Assignment 7, due 3pm Monday 28 November.
Assignment 8, due 3pm Monday 5 December.