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Time and place: Thursday 1-2pm and Friday 11am-1pm in MS.04. Supervision Monday 2-3pm in B3.01 by Michael Doré.

Review session: Friday 21 May, 2-4pm in MS.04. You are welcome to email questions or requests (to D. Ueltschi) ahead of the meeting!

Assessment: 3-hour examination (WS1.01 in Westwood Science, 2-5pm).

Many problems in Mathematics lead to linear problems in infinite-dimensional spaces. In this course we shall mainly study infinite-dimensional normed linear spaces and continuous linear transformations between such spaces. We will study Banach spaces and prove the main theorems of this subject (Hahn-Banach, open mapping, uniform boundedness). The last part of the course will be devoted to bounded and unbounded operators, with specific mention of differential operators in L2 spaces.

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