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Time and place: Mon 11-12 in MS.01; Tue 17-18 in MS.01; Thu 16-17 in MS.02.

* Review session * Friday 8 January 2-3pm in MS.01.
The common exam Analysis/Foundations will take place Monday 11 January 1:30-5pm (I think!)

Material from this half of the course is examined in the first week of Term 2, probably Monday.

  • Inequalities: rules for manipulating inequalities; inequalities and powers; inequalities and absolute values; Bernoulli's inequality; triangle inequality.

  • Sequences: monotonic sequences; bounded sequences; subsequences; tending to infinity; null sequences (and algebra of); convergent sequences (and algebra of, boundedness, uniqueness of limit); sandwich theorems; shift rules; standard limits; ratio test; limits and inequalities; recursively-defined sequences.

  • The real numbers: infinitely many rationals/irrationals in any open interval; rationals/irrationals and terminating/recurring/non-recurring decimals; numbers with more than one decimal representation; sets and upper/lower bounds; supremum and infimum; completeness axiom (in the form "every non-empty set bounded above has a supremum"); consequences of completeness; existence of k-th roots; Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem; Cauchy sequences (contracting sequences as example).

  • Series: partial sums; convergence and divergence; sum rule; shift rule; null sequence test, epsilon as a series and the limit of a sequence.

    • Series with positive terms: boundedness condition, comparison tests, ratio test, integral test.
    • Alternating series: alternating series test, absolute convergence, absolute value form of ratio test, conditional convergence, rearrangements.

Module material:

Here are lecture notes. This is a draft, expect many modifications before the end of the term!
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